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Bad Mother Smokers began back in 2011 as a brand new competition BBQ team in Concord, North Carolina. Soon after, I was inclined to come up with a sauce of my own for competing. When trying to figure what style of BBQ I liked, I realized that I have enjoyed BBQ all around the country and that I really don't have a style. So, off to the kitchen I went. In just one day, I was blessed to come up with a sauce that represents who I am: "The Baddest Mother Smoker On The Block!" I used the sauce for the next couple years while competing with some success. After countless people tasting and asking where to buy the sauce, I decided to invest into the processes needed to be able to produce and sell my sauce in a legal and official manner. At that point, I needed a name. Naturally, I decided to name it SMOKIN' SAUCE. Recently, I have added "caterer" to the hats that I now wear offering a unique competition style BBQ catering that is destined to please.

In closing, I want to give a shout out to my wife and kids (Debbie, Morgan and DJ), for making it possible for me to work for myself and provide for them.



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